In 2009, WGL began to forge a new legacy....

We set out to point WGL toward an energy future that would not only serve our business in the present, but one that would endure to the benefit of future generations. We were empowered to ask—and answer—a profound question: Where do we think the world needs to be in 30 years, 50 years, and well into the future?

We Make Energy Easy

Energy impacts everything we do, our daily lives, our businesses and our communities. Energy can sometimes be complex and we know that our customers need answers that help them make smart choices and stay on top of the constantly evolving energy technology, projects and resources.

Profit & Productivity

WGL provides a wide range of options for natural gas electricity, green power and energy services. So you can protect your profits and achieve your energy goals.

Changing the Energy Industry

Natural gas, solar power, wind power, fuel cell technology, geothermal and distributed energy solutions are just some of the ways we're making energy surprisingly easy.

Energizing Communities

WGL supports and contributes to the communities in which we live. Our employees are dedicated community ambassadors, volunteering more than 11,000 hours to those who need our help. Through high profile projects – such as our Day of Weatherization to local blood drives and school uniform drives, our employees are recognized for their commitment.